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Can I just say that this site is going to be helping me a lot the next 8 months. My boyfriend of over a year is going to play college hockey and leaves tomorrow morning. And though I'm SO proud of him and excited for him I just want him to stay home with me. At first I didn't want to do the distance but I realized being in love with him wether he's home or 1300 miles away from home, there is no difference. Love is love right? Any pointers to not feeling so alone while he's gone?.. 


Aw I’m so happy you messaged me. I’ve been sitting up tonight bored and my ask box has been EMPTY (what’s up with that, anyways?)

I know how you feel, been there, done that. Believe it or not, it gets easier. Love is definitely love, the distance doesn’t matter if you truly love someone. 

As for pointers while he’s away.. well, for one, you have me! Haha. If you ever need anything - a pick up message, someone to talk to, cry to, whatever, I’m your girl, and we can message privately if you ever need it. 
I find what helps the most with being LDR is making it as fun as you possibly can. Try sending him care packages, love letters, or other sendable items. Include each other in your lives: send lots of photos, talk about people you meet, what you’ve done that day, anything and everything, and be detailed! Keep as busy as possible, hangout with friends as much as you can. Sitting at home is a no-no, as your mind will wonder too much. Skype dates, face time, and snapchat are life savers.

Remember, he might not be with you in person but he’s still your man and he still loves you. Distance doesn’t change that girl. Think positively! Everything will turn out fine, I promise.

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How long have you been following the site? Answer: I've been following the site for about as long as you've had it up :) What’s your favourite part of the site? (text posts, photo posts, etc): Answer: All the posts that I relate to so much :) What do you hope to see more of?-Answer: More relatable posts :) Has this site or owner ever helped you in some way or taught you anything?~Yes What do you think of the owner of the site? Answer: I think the owner is wicked awesome. 

Hey you!

Thanks a lot! It means a lot to me that you’ve taken the time to respond! <3 I hope everything is going well for you & I wish your team the best of luck during the upcoming season!


I've been following this site for about a year or so now and I'd have to say I love both your texts posts and your photo posts, I'm really glad you're starting some LDR posts as well! You've helped me so much over the past year and for that I thank you! You're always here for everyone no matter what and I think that's awesome and we need more people like you! <3 Keep up the great work xoxo 


Thanks a lot for responding! I really appreciate everything you’ve said, it makes me feel awesome and I absolutely love helping everybody out! Im really happy I have awesome people like yourself following this blog.


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