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Care Packages

Date: July 26th, 2014

With the upcoming season coming quickly upon us, I’ve been coming up with a list of care packages that I’ll be sending to my boyfriend as we’ll be 300-something miles apart this year! & Of course, I just have to share these cute ideas with all of you. 

Valentines Day Themes: 


Fill with:
image An abundence of sweet treats 
image Love letters
image Cheesy valentine cards 
image Photos 
image Memories (memory jar, book, or notes)
image Movies
image Mixed CD 
image A “to-do” list of things to do once they return home
image Socks
image Boxers
image New sheets / pillow case
image Boudoir photos 
image Home made treats
      Chocolate pretzels (1)
      Chocolate preztels (2)
      Cookie conversation hearts
      "I love you more than" cookies
      Chocolate cherry bark 
      Pink swirl cookies
image Clothing (t-shirts, sweaters) 
image Some essentials (Shampoo, body wash, etc) 

Halloween Theme:


Fill with: 
image Halloween candies
image Scary movies
image Orange gatorade 
image Halloween toys/gadgets 
image Halloween homemade treats 
       Chocolate pretzels
       Popcorn Mix
       Halloween Bark
       Candy Apples (Dip in sugar before wrapping to avoid melting)
       Swirl Sugar Cookies
image Some essentials (Shampoo, body wash, etc) 

Easter Theme: 


Fill with: 
image Plastic eggs filled with “Reasons why I love you” notes
image An outfit (Comfy tracks are a favourite)
image Easter chocolate
image Easter homemade treats 
     Marshmallow bark
     Cake balls 
     Rice Krispies Egg Treats
     Bunny Bait 
     Sweet Pretzels 
image Photos 
image Some type of game or entertainment
image Some essentials (Shampoo, body wash, etc) 

Christmas theme: 


Christmas care packages are my favourite because you can fill them with pretty much anything! I usually include clothes, xbox/playstation games, iTunes cards, essentials, gifts cards, movies, and other things that might be needed or wanted. 

Below i’ve added photos found all over the web for different themes you guys can do. I’m not going to tell you what to include for these ones, as I think you probably get the idea! Photos, letters, essential items and food items should always be included! Click on the images for a larger photo.

image image image image image image image image image image

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Date: June 25th, 2014

So the new theme is finally up and running! After working on it for a week during my off hours and while at work, I’ve been able to get it running almost perfectly <3 I hope you guys like the new look! I will be updating many of my old posts and creating many new ones asap - I was going to wait to reopen after I was completely done the update but… I was too excited! 

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Date: Friday, July 25th. 

Welcome to Hearts of Hockey! 

My name is Amie, and I’m from Ontario, Canada. I started this site in October of twenty twelve. It started as a place for me to make relatable posts about being a hockey girlfriend, and two years later it has taken off into something much more. Now, with over twenty nine thousand views it serves as a place for hockey fans to meet, connect, learn, ask, rant & gain the upmost support. Covering everything from the basic rules of the game to hockey themed weddings, Hearts of Hockey is the number one spot for female hockey girls everywhere. 

The site is best viewed with a safari browser. Since two thousand and twelve it has seen over twenty nine thousand visitors from over one hundred different countries. It has responded to over 3000 visitor emails and direct messages, and has helped more than twenty five visitors create their own blogs and websites, some of which you can find within the sites network. 

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As I respect your privacy, I ask for the same respect from my visitors. I will not under any circumstances release detailed information about myself, my boyfriend or any leagues that we are associated with. 

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